CD Review: "International Blues Challenge #33" 2017 Finalists

Thursday, January 4, 2018


Let’s say you are looking through your music collection, trying to find just the right thing to enhance your evening environment. You wanna hear something fresh and you’re staring at stuff you’ve been listening to since back when all your old rock-n-roll tee shirts still fit. I’m not judging, mine sure don’t fit, and I’ve got a conspiracy theory as to why.  See, the stuff they’ve been feeding us has ingredients, …shhh….they’re everywhere, I can’t talk right now. Ix nay on the azy cray. How about we switch metaphors. The same music you’ve been listening to since you were still dating your first X. No, that’s gonna mess me up…ok…the same crap you’ve been listening to ….for a long time. During which there have not been any issues you emotionally repressed.

I’ll bet you know about the IBC. We hold a local competition, all afilliate blues societies do, and then all of the winners across the planet meet in Memphis, on Beale Street, and have bottle rocket fights, roman gecco wrestling and catfish noodling to determine the winner. Every night until only 8 bands and 8 solo/duo are left alive. The finals are on Saturday. Those finalists are on this cd. One original song each from this year’s finalists. As you recall, Brody Buster was in that elite group. He took 2nd in the solo/duo category and was selected as the best harp player of the event. And not bad in a bottle rocket fight from what I understand.

Due to getting a wild hair, I was in Memphis and experienced the  IBC  finals of this cd.  I recommend.  They certainly are a talented group. You can’t miss. You can buy it through the Blues Foundation online. The “hear for yourself” isn’t the cd version, but it’s the actual IBC performance. Hometown hero.


3 1/2 notes   14 tracks    57 minutes   Hear for yourself

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