CD Review: "No Black, No White, Just Blues" - Lightening Willie

The history of the blues has provided us more Lightenings and Willies than you can shake a pair of drum sticks at, but this was the first time I was aware. I now wish I had listened at him long ago. He capitalizes on the fun elements of the music and I’m here to testify that he fixed what was wrong with my day. Well, I fixed myself a cocktail, but it was this cd that got my mind right.

The songs are played like any upbeat electric blues you’ve heard before, but the drums are having a party. The snare drum is as loose as my sister’s high school friends and is just as...I overheard some of the big boys talking in gym class is how I know, to whoever it was that asked the question. Add in some riffs that are nuanced by the smirk on the guitar player’s face while his tongue was in his cheek. These are all Lightening Willie originals……Kathy and Janie. No, I don’t have their numbers.

It’s a short cd at just under a half an hour and left me wanting more because it makes the blues fresh. Besides guitar, drums and bass, there is a nicely played Hammond organ on these tracks. Get right.

4 notes 10 tracks 29 minutes hear for yourself

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