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CD Review: "Well Its About Time" - Andrew Chapman

Sunday, September 10, 2017


This is Andrew Chapman’s first cd, but he sounds like he has spent a lifetime behind the mic. Well chosen material, well played. Terry Wilson at the helm, with help from a few Phantoms and his wife. There is great variety on this cd. Different choices in approach, instruments and musicians, although the core is Terry and Tony and Jojo.


Terry wrote a couple of the most fun songs on here, She Don’t Mess With My Buzz and That Takes Some Balls. The great James Pennebaker picks on a couple of numbers, most notably on You’ve Got A Lover, which I included as the link below. I used “most fun” a couple sentences back, but only because I had to. If it was up to me, I’d have said they were “funner than some t’others”, but sadly, funner is not a word. I believe that fun can be measured and/or compared and can be in different degrees. Example, “Ill show ya sumptin’ funner, hold my beer and watch this!” Curse you, Noah Webster!


Good singer, good songs, good playing, goodly (that was done out of spite, sorry, scratch that) well recorded. This is good listening. I’d tell you the level of funness, but not even that is a word. The humanity!



3 1/2 notes   13 tracks  48 minutes          hear for yourself  https://youtu.be/aLArdwxDzVU 

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