CD Review: "Offerings" - Joseph Veloz

Sunday, September 10, 2017


I didn’t know what to expect when I popped in this CD, and that’s exactly what I got.  Are you with me so far? HA! So I listened again. The first track is a combination of electric and electronic, disco and funk, with pedal effects. The second track has Biscuit Miller as a guest vocalist. The third track is an instrumental with a hot bass line. Did I mention that Joseph is a bass player? You won’t find any barely audible bass here. Track 4 features guest vocalist Lucky Peterson. There is a variety of song styles and genre here, and that’s a good thing. Track 5, hot bass line, it’s the one on the link below. It wraps up with more guest vocals and a few covers, Dolly Parton and Prince. 


Its short at 34 minutes, but every track works. Bass player done good. He plays some smoking Fender five string bass, by the way.  The number of guest appearances is indicative of a great guy and a great musician. Joseph is also handling the arrangements, the strings, the horns and wrote or co-wrote half of the songs. I know some of you might rate the bass player next lowest after the drummer, but this is incorrect. The banjo player is next lowest after the drummer. Even lower than the hurdy gurdy man. And that’s not even counting how many toes they’ve got.



3 1/2 notes    8 tracks   34 minutes     hear for yourself           

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