CD Review: "Songs of a Renegade" - Greg Sover

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


This is the debut release from Greg Stover. He wrote the songs, except for one cover. He is backed by Deb Callahan’s band. I call this music rock, not blues. The band is real good and there are some nice songwriting examples here. I also like the recording, I love the sound of the drums.


The version of Ain’t No Sunshine is brilliant. It’s a full sound although he does the stop beat of the original. There’s a funky keyboard and guitar interplay on the verse that is cool and  with a minute and half more than the original it is almost doubled. Bill Withers had it washed and put to bed in two minutes even with all the wondering  this time if she’s gone to stay and where’s she gone when he knows he oughta leave the young thing alone, but there…..sorry. Greg Sover delivers an outstanding cover of this Bill Withers classic.


There’s a song from the viewpoint of a comic book super hero and the last song is in French, probably. I’m certain it isn’t Spanish, yet I believe it to be a romance language. The one that is the link below is called After Me and has an acoustic guitar, only it’s a live version. The talent is evident.  This is a good first release.


3 1/2 notes   10 tracks   40 minutes    Hear for yourself

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