CD Review: "Tug of War" - Gina Sicilia

Gina wrote most of these songs , 3 of them she didn’t. She has a rich, full, strong voice. She will be performing in KC at Knuckleheads on August 5th. I somehow have the feeling that if you’re not there, Luca Brasi will get involved. So how about you maybe do this little favor for Gina, and nobody gets hurt? Come on, whadoya say? Threats of violence aside, going to hear an artist perform original, emotional songs live is what music is all about.

Gina knows how to tell a story, a blues story, with emotion and a professional performance. She has skilled backing players, but the voice is out front . And she’s got something to say. On the opening number she sings, “Now I’m in love and I don’t wanna be. Its like you took my will away from me”. I like the set up, she grabbed my attention and away she ran. There’s plenty of rain here, but with the understanding that the sun will be out tomorrow. There’s a lot of power in Gina’s voice.

3 ½ notes 11 tracks 39 minutes hear for yourself


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