CD Review: "Silence in the City" - Lighthouse Sweden

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


I can’t call this the blues, although the pain of relationships abound in these songs. This is a short cd at 36 minutes. The songs are written and performed by a husband and wife team, with a full band. I hope they are calling on either past experiences or observation for their material. Man, it would be harsh if not! I mean, it leads off with Love Can Seriously Damage Your Heart. When they are doing harmony vocals with background, I thought the tiniest hint of ABBA slipped in. Its there, then gone, I can’t pin it down, but… I gotta confess, when I got scared that rock and roll was on its way out in the mid to late 70’s, ABBA was the first band I truly couldn’t understand the appeal.  Oh, and I hated them, too.

This is not ABBA. They have some pop-worthy things happening sometimes.  They are a blend of so many different things I don’t want to try and explain that. Translation-I don’t think I could. They do take you on an emotional ride with them. When Linda is singing Easier to Lie, and tells how she is wanting out, and then sings the line, “And now you’re asking me if I’m OK” it made me feel like I was invading their privacy and it was uncomfortable. What I’m saying is it made me feel it, which is a score when music does that, but wow, was it uncomfortable!

The songs are well written, if perhaps I could occasionally sense that I wouldn’t ever use that same combination of words together. I don’t know if Fernando would or not….



2 1/2 notes  11 tracks  36 minutes     hear for yourself

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