CD Review: "Montserrat" - Ivor S. K.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017


This is Ivor’s debut cd. Its solid. Drum, bass, guitar and vocals. I think there are a few songs without a drum.  A good portion of the songs feature acoustic guitar and Ivor understands how to play it. I have heard them played like electric guitars before, but that begs the question, “Why?” Ivor can play off the nuances inherent in an acoustic guitar and so plays it well. He also plays a nice electric guitar. It is comforting to hear a young man skilled in playing both. The fourth track is a reggae/blues, and that’s a nice blend of genre. Ain’t No Cross is a song of darker subject matter, but with a beautiful and melodic lead that is at the same time sad and painful because of this contrast. This song is the one on the link below.  Its Raining and Indianola are two more songs that demonstrate beautiful acoustic guitar playing with two guitars. Its important to note that Ivor is the only musician recorded on this cd. Twenty six years old, wrote all the songs, played all the instruments and self produced. Well done, Sir. Meanwhile, I’ll say to my buddies, knowing that they haven’t, “Hey, have you heard Ivor?” The mouth breathers will look blankly and say, “Huh?” and that’s when I hit them over the head with it.




4 notes   10 tracks   39 minutes     Hear forYourself

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