CD Review: "Knock a Hole In It" - Mr. Sipp

Monday, June 5, 2017


No, that’s not his real name, its his stage name. A derivative of Mississippi. Its shorter than Mississippi Blues Child, which isn’t his name either. When he’s playing the blues, he’s Mr. Sipp.  He’s a guitar player, singer, song writer, producer. Credits on this cd also include percussion, strings, horn arrangements, lead vocals, background vocals, executive producer and bass.


The songs have a rich full sound and Mr. Sipp has a sweet guitar tone. And he can wail. I could hear some Hendrix influence after a few songs and the cd closes with Little Wing. The title track is the first cut and Mr. Sipp will tell his tale to you. I don’t want to be a spoiler, but he knocked a hole in it. The cd is full of well written and played songs, and Mr. Sipp wails, don’t know if I mentioned. Sea of Love is nice, piano against a rhythm guitar and what sounds to me like some sidechained compression squashing it while moving it front to back. There is motion in many of these songs, be it from panning  or other means, I like music to move. Turn Up is as R & B as it gets, horn fills and jazzy rhythm guitar.  That R & B is present in varying degrees throughout. The Little Wing is full blown. In this version she has a “circus clown” instead of a “circus smile”. It becomes the Star Spangled Banner (although no one yelled, “Play ball” when it was over) to close. Whatever happened to Francis Scott and the Keyes anyway, are they still playing?


Mr. Sipp puts his sweet, sustained guitar tone on top of an already full frequency spectrum and it is strong and powerful. He’s not hiding his braggadocio, he’s trying to carve out a spot, I suspect he’ll knock a hole in it. If you’ve got a guitar tooth, this is your sweet rock candy. Mr. Sipp wails, btw.


4 notes    13 tracks   65 minutes    Hear for yourself

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