CD Review: "You Can't Do That" - Mick Kolassa & Mark Telesca

Mick Kolassa & Mark Telesca You Can’t Do That Acoustic Beatles Blues Swing Suit Records

These two guys were jamming at the 2016 Blues Music Awards, started playing blues-ified Beatles songs. That, in one compact sentence, is the history behind this cd. These are acoustic guitar blues versions of Lennon-McCartney compositions. Nice, clean, sharp, clear recordings of the guitars. There’s some added accompaniment, too. Harmonica on a couple, trumpet and flugelhorn on one each, same for fiddle and mandolin.

Most often the vocal melodies of the originals are not used, but they remain on a few. It’s no secret that the Beatles were influenced by American blues and rock-n-roll to begin with and those influences can be heard throughout their catalog. I find the songs that give up their original melodies the most interesting here, as the lyrics are all that identify them. On the opposite end, Why Don’t We Do It In The Road was already straight blues. OK, it was a piano blues and here its guitar. You say tomato, Ringo says, “I got blisters on my fingers!” Some of my favs were the I’ll Cry Instead, Can’t Buy Me Love and, this one surprised me, Fixing a Hole. Fixing a Hole worked very well in the blues arrangement it was given. The link below will get you this one.

Bottom line is that these are well played and recorded, and its fun to hear these songs in a new way.

The Plastic Ono Band, I don’t think so. Acoustic Beatles Blues, Yes, Sir.

3 1/2 notes 11 tracks 37 minutes Hear for yourself

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