CD Review: “This Is Blues Country” - Jimmie Bratcher

I need to preface this review by telling you that this is the first time I’ve heard Jimmie Bratcher, so I won’t wax eloquently on his live performances or his previous body of work. However, as a forthright journalist, I did do a little history. Jimmie Bratcher is actually “The Reverend Jimmie Bratcher”, an ordained preacher, who is also a bluesman. He restarted his music career after twenty years in the pulpit and started putting out blues CD’s in 2003. In 2013 he put out his last conventional blues album “Secretly Famous”, but this CD is a new concept altogether. “This Is Blues Country” is a CD of covers of songs he grew up with in a good American country-music-listening home, but re-imagined and re-tempoed for blues-rock. (I think I am going to trademark the word “re-tempoed”).

First off, the recording quality was excellent, and the album has no technical shortcomings. I, personally, was more enamored of the livelier cuts than the ballads, but that is probably a matter of taste. My better half listened in with me, and I found her singing along with the ballads. Ultimately, she has more patience (love) for country music than I do, and that may explain it. For me, “I Don’t Hurt Anymore” “Am I That Easy to Forget” were absolutely crushed as blues-rock burners (Hank Snow and Jim Reeves…, I’m wonderin’), for my wife, the cover of “Singing the Blues” was the one where I caught her singing along. As a big believer in expanding your mind, I would recommend this CD for both electric blues / blues rock types, as well as country fans.

Submitted by Lincoln Dreher


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