CD Review: "Rough Neck Blues" - Paul Filipowitcz

This is an honest cd. Its called Rough Neck Blues and it delivers just that. Recorded at the Knuckle Down Saloon, which, once you get past the flattery of imitation, has a rough-sounding name. This is a live recording of the band. Drums, bass, harp and Paul on vocals and guitar. Guess what the gain setting of the amplifiers is? If you said, “Eleven”, buy yourself something nice. This is raw Chicago, handle with care. I am not a fan of warning labels and don’t think they produce the intended results. That is a fail, time for a better idea or drop it. Of course, then there’s California’s warning, but for once I’m not getting on the soapbox…..because they cause cancer. ..

Other bands sometimes say they are a rough-type of blues, but they don’t say it in front of Paul because he’d snap their little pencil necks instead putting up with their whining. Paul calls himself a blues savage, the message is consistent. In my mind, along with the dark secrets of the criminally insane, I make a distinction between blues rock and blues that rock. With the cd playing, though, my explanation is, “OK, did you hear that?” “There it is again!” Be careful.

3 1/2 notes 11 tracks 59 minutes Hear for yourself

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