CD Review: "Get Ready For Me" - Tom Craig

This is Tom Craig’s first cd. He went to the IBC this February. One thing Tom brings to the blues table is a jazz background. Since it would be impossible to completely separate the only art forms credited to our country, that may be a bit redundant. What I mean to communicate is that elements of what we have come to associate with the genres of both can be found on the cd, and not a history lesson. Despite that lengthy explanation, this aspect is not the prevailing weather here either, but some of these songs have the blending when the sky clears. Central Delaware sponsored them for the IBC, sorry, I left that out. He and the drummer have been together for 10 years, but the band is a fairly recent grouping of beings.

If you listen to much blues, you understand that from the viewpoint of the song writer, “My Baby done me wrong”. I had an odd thought while listening to Tom’s songs, he might have dropped to ball. HA! Now, keep in mind this has not one thing to do with reality, just an over active imagination, but yeah, he blew it. I’m surprised they stayed as long as they did.

3 notes 12 tracks 43 minutes Hear for yourself


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