CD Review: "Honest Woman" - Thornetta Davis

Thornetta wrote all the songs on this cd. The keyboard player and the guitar player from her band helped out on some. The first track is a poem written and spoken by her sister called When My Sister Sings the Blues. Something like that shouldn’t be so rare. I’m not gonna get up on my soapbox, but it shouldn’t be, damnit. The cd is titled Honest Woman and I believe it.

These are blues songs, the ones that aren’t gospel songs, but I get confused trying to decide which I like better. There’s heartbreak in some of these songs, but Thornetta is singing a positive message because she has faith. She says in the liner notes that she has been gonna record this cd for 20 years. She always knew she was. There’s a few guest appearances. Kim Wilson blows his harp on one and the McCray brothers join in on one. Background singers and choirs are supporting Thornetta, lots of singing to be found here. The recording is professional, its all first class, but what makes it special is how much of herself Thornetta put into it to make it honest.

3 1/2 notes 13 tracks 60 minutes Hear for yourself

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