CD Review: "The Beat of My Heart" - Lisa Biales

Friday, March 17, 2017


Like many before her, Lisa teamed up with those fantastic  dudes called the Phantom Blues Band. Tony wears the same hats as previously demonstrated, producer and drummer. Johnny Lee Schell gets two hats, as well, guitar player and engineer/studio owner.  Mr. Finnegan is replaced by Jim Pugh on keys, pianos, organs, etc. There are horns on many of the numbers, and a “real” bass on several. Every song is a cover, and no songwriter is used more than once. Braunagel’s drumming  is genius, the different percussive approaches are wonderful. Lisa sounds like I imagine a kind and caring person sounds. That statement is completely illogical and yet I stand behind it. After listening to the cd, I couldn’t help thinking she was a good person. I can’t over emphasize this point, I’m basing that on nothing.


One of the things I find most interesting on this CD is the song Crying Over You. Lisa’s mother wrote and recorded this song 70 years ago. Lisa discovered the 78 fifteen years after her mother’s passing. The first verse is sung by her mother here, and then Lisa finishes the song. It is, again, nicely done. Most of the songs here are Blues Lite, you won’t find any low down and dirty delta ditties, but they are nice.



3 notes   12 tracks   47 minutes   Hear for yourself

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