CD Review: "Back to the Shack" - Jack Mack and the Heart Attack Horns

Friday, March 17, 2017


Did I ever mention that I love the Phantom Blues Band? Mr. Braunagel and Mr. Finnigan join Jack Mack on his way back to the love shack. It’s a little old place where we can….wait a minute, I’m sorry, I took a wrong  turn. The shack does indeed have a descriptor, and the music supports that, its a soul kind of shack. The band here (none of which are named Jack Mack, as a matter of fact) are clearly focused on representing the specific genre. The opening numba even includes vinyl pops and scratches to simulate a record.  


Nine of these songs are the bands originals. They are paying honor and respect to their soul singing musical heros, and, fortunately, they have the chops to pull that off. Go to the soul shack and spend all of your jukebox money…sorry. This stuff is high quality and doesn’t sound like everybody else. My biggest complaint is the amount of rhyming in the band name and album title. This cd was a pleasant surprise to me.




4 notes   10 tracks  41 minutes          Hear for yourself

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