CD Reviews: "Rockers" - John Ginty featuring Aster Pheonyx

Sunday, March 5, 2017


John Ginty is a keyboard player and on this cd he plays Hammond Organ, Piano, Vintage Vibe Piano, Melodica. Aster Pheonyx (yes, it is an odd spelling, probably occurred while rising from the ashes) is the singer. She met John when she was the opening act. He invited her on stage with his band that night and afterward they decided to work together. They co-wrote the songs, well 10 of them. John wrote the other two with his rhythm section. It’s all very straight forward. These are keyboard driven original rock songs with a female vocalist.


The songs are well played, it’s a big sound, driven. The lyrics are keeping some secrets. I can’t find anything that isn’t professional. Everything is just as its represented, a promise kept. John gets fantastic sounds from his Hammond organ. There are pure, clean tones you would be familiar with, and there are hard tones of half distortion that have such a wonderful texture. Cool stuff.



3 notes   12 tracks  50 minutes   Hear for yourself

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