CD Reviews: "10,000 Feet Below" - Eliza Neals

Friday, February 24, 2017


Here we find 10 originals written by Eliza and a Skip James cover. Eliza plays piano, electric piano and Hammond B3. What gets your attention, though, is her whiskey and cigarettes voice. Its unique because she isn’t forcing tension to cause it, its just the timber of her vocal chords. I’m not knocking whiskey and cigarettes, for God sakes, and I think all kids over the age of seven should be given endless supplies, but I don’t think they had anything to do with the character of Eliza’s voice. She is singing naturally here, just moving air. She has to reach high on Skip’s number, which is funny. Another fun thing about the vocals is that Eliza provides her own background vocals, more of a counter vocal really, and also harmonizes with herself. This music is keyboard and guitar blues rock, and no more rock than blues. I like the opener, a riff based pop rock thing called Cleotus. It bounces right along and certainly has a hook.


She has a guitar player that is consistent on every song, but the rest of the musicians are on 1 to 4 tracks is all, so there are quite a few. The explanation for this is that  Eliza has musicians  in several towns that she uses in her band when she plays those towns. Makes sense, smart girl.


3 1/2 notes  11 tracks  46 minutes  Hear for yourself

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