CD Reviews: "Quit the Women for the Blues" - Vin Mott

Vin Mott. Gets right to it, who needs a bunch of syllables? Vin Mott is 27 years old and from New Jersey. This is his debut release. He got onto the blues as a teen and taught himself to play the harp. He has the overdriven tube amp sound of Little Walter. He went to Berkley and got a songwriting degree. He wasn’t just fooling around either, he wrote all the songs on this cd. There is some nice interplay between guitar and harmonica on this cd. Vin and his band are wonderful interpreters of Chicago post war blues. Its raw, but its right on time.

The Factory is a sad song. Put him on 3rd shift, cut out his extra circulars and he’s thinking about killing his boss. Another tune is called I Wanna Get Ruff With You. Before listening to this one, it is advisable to establish a safe word. I, of course, have no idea what that’s all about. One might glean from Vin’s songs that he is fetish friendly. Now I had a goldfish when I was little, but I don’t know too much about those sorts of things, probably won’t until I’m older. There’s a song called I’m a Filthy Man that also prompts my feigned innocence and so must surely be a sultry tale of hygiene. I overheard the big boys talking one time and I thought it was gonna get good, but all of a sudden they were talking about playing ball and what base they got to and whatnot. Thank you, I did that without the use of overalls, please note. English is actually a second language for me, as I grew up in a more rural section of Missouri and speak fluent hillbilly, an ironic term. I was coaxed out of the woods for one thing or another. The lure of cornbread takes me back every time.

3 1/2 notes 10 tracks 36 minutes Hear for yourself

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