CD Reviews: "Crowin' the Blues" - Professor Louie and the Crowmatrix

This band began by working for the Band, the Band’s band, I hope you understand. This is their 13th studio recording. There are 5 originals and 8 covers. Their sound is confident blues that can add Jazz, or New Orleans, or soul, as needed. A very robust band, I mean the Band’s band. I didn’t hear anything big or pink on here, and I shouldn’t have. That is only the story of their beginning, even though I drove it a couple extra miles. They have plenty of polish on their sound, and in this case, oddly, I felt they could get a few miles out of some raw energy.

I really like the way they do Jimmy Reed’s Bright Lights, Big City. It falls immediately into a very satisfying groove and rides it steady for 5 minutes, but I wasn’t ready for it to end when the fade started. Oh, and if I can save somebody the trouble, cussing doesn’t extend the play time. If the truth were told, cussing accomplishes precious little outside of adding color and emphasis to verbal communication, but I’m not about to let something as silly as the facts come between me and an old drinking buddy. One time, and this was about 30 years ago, me and cussing were at this party on the lake, and….oops, hahaha sorry, I better not tell that story in mixed company.

3 1/2 notes 13 tracks 50 minutes Hear for yourself

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