CD Reviews: "Passion, Soul and Fire" - David M'ore

David is influenced by guitar centered rock-n-roll from the 70’s. This cd is riff based rock. Deep Purple is one of his favorite bands, and he takes a dive in the deepness and covers one of their numbers here. That being the case, I found the liner notes about it odd. “The version of Mistreated was not intended to be a cover song or neither to replicate Deep Purple’s song.” I’ve played many a mistake I didn’t intend, but I intended every song I ever played. I don’t get it, but there’s lots I don’t get. David plays a lot of guitar. The bass and drums were recorded in two days and then David says he sends them home. He likes to record alone and says he spends up to a year getting his tracks perfect. Well, they say the devil is in the details. Speaking of the devil, or rather the devil speaking as Linda Blair, I heard on a vocal. At least I thought it reminicent of The Exorcist. It is consistent with the 70’s theme already established. The forced tension on the vocal chords causes dysphonia according to Andre Calilhanna in his Vocalist’s Guide. I’ll tell you, The Exorcist didn’t bother me, but The Omen was the scariest movie I had ever seen at that point in my life. I hadn’t any knowledge of Rottweilers and had never seen one until those devil dogs appeared on screen. Then the baboon scene, that was no drive through the Exotic Animal Paradise, I’m here to tell you. Oh, I wanted Atticus to kill that little …boy. Linda Blair may have said some horrible things about the priest’s mother, but she wasn’t born of a jackal. Atticus. He can shoot a rabid dog at 50 yards but he can’t kill a demon child he’s got in his hands. Boo Radley doesn’t even check up on him anymore.

2 notes 12 tracks 78 minutes hear for yourself

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