CD Reviews: "Do What Your Heart Says To" - Scott Ramminger

Scott wrote him a mess of songs. He brought in some known musicians to record with. George Porter, jr from the Funky Meters, Tommy Malone from the Subdudes, Delaney and Bonnie’s daughter Bekka, Janiva Magness, the McCrary Sisters. There are blues songs with strong elements of funk and rhythm and blues. Scott has put together some interesting harmonies and horn charts. These are wonderfully written and expertly performed songs. Scott is no kid and the liner notes don’t tell his story. I googled, which is a statement open to wild interpretation when you consider the source. So while I may or may not have strayed, I found Scott’s website. As it included a blog, I assumed he maintains it. While it also omits a biographical history, I did learn that this release is his third since 2011. If I were to guess at Scott’s musical origins, I’d say he was the sax player for many a band and heading his own is a more recent evolution, but that’s guessing. I am basing this hunch on my understanding that every sax playing band leader followed this path since the invention of sax players, and its more or less a given. Remember that even Coltrane played for Miles and Monk before he had his own combo.

Scott has many star singers on here, but they only provide background vocals. I am a lover of variety and wished for more of it in the tempo and the arrangements of this cd. I also recognize this as my preference and not a factor I hear mentioned beyond the voices in my head. Great songwriting, its clever and it includes humor, and was written from the prospective of someone who has been around the block. Crack New Orleans musicians were assembled for the band and they deliver. I enjoyed.

4 notes 14 tracks 61 minutes hear for yourself

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