CD Reviews: "Let In The Sun" - Patty Reece

Monday, February 20, 2017


Patty plays a little acoustic and sings. She’s also an old rocker. She wrote her songs, but ends on two covers, Uncle Bobby and Steve Earle. There’s some humor in her writing, I liked one called Good Neighbor. “Is that my lawn mower?” “Didn’t I give you $20 dollars last week?” She has a very organic song writing style, she writes very honest.  As the album title indicates, she seems to prefer delivering a positive message. Her songs are more personal and straight forward. Her live performances contain more covers, mostly classic rock. I haven’t gone on a rant about that term for at least a couple days now, I’m due. You know, its just rock, the stuff that gets called classic rock. Its not rock’s fault that newer music of the genre doesn’t have as wide of a demographic appeal as the rock music of the  60’s and 70’s. Rock is unapologetic for that, it has to be, or else its not rock. I truly don’t know why I continue with this stance, though. Even I’m expecting me to say, ”You kids get off my lawn” or “I remember when it only cost a nickel”. Big sigh. I’ll just be a minute, got a little reality to come to terms with. I will say this, music has never let me down.



2 notes      11 tracks     46 minutes      hear for yourself

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