Brody Buster Gets Post-IBC Attention

Tim Finn of the Kansas City Star wrote up a nice article on Brody Buster and his recent win at the IBC. Brody has gotten lots of calls already to appear at a number of blues festivals. He has now gotten an agent to help field and sort the offers. To read the full article, click here.

Back in October 2016, Brody was featured in a KCUR website article here by Bill Brownlee which seemed to foretell, perhaps, good things coming for Brody due to his considerable talent even though he was kind of off the radar of the Kansas City music scene.

You can see part of Brody's performance in the IBC finals here.

Brody himself has created a thank you video to Kansas City for all the love and support. No, thank you, Brody!

Brody has a long career, which included appearances on Jay Leno, opening for Jerry Seinfeld in Las Vegas, a performance at Disneyland, and BB King's.

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