CD Review: "The Catfish" - Popa Chubby

Let’s get this out of the way first. Popa Chubby!! It’s the greatest stage name ever! Howling Wolf and Muddy Waters, they just didn’t think of it. In my own defense, I’m immature. The legal disclaimer is long and hard to understand, but that’s it in a nutshell. Moving along, one of the nice things in a Popa Chubby record is the variety. He takes different approaches to his playing style and the style of the songs themselves. I don’t expect to ever hear back to back original tribute songs to Wes Montgomery and Motorhead again, but you have them here. Chubby wrote all but two of the songs. He covers Robert Johnson (who hasn’t?) and the Everly Bros. He used a few extra musicians, but plays guitar, bass and drums and sings, played keyboard on one song. His daughter plays trumpet on a couple. A couple of these numbas don’t meet FCC standards, but that shouldn’t be surprising . Do I need to mention that he includes humor in his music? He also produced, mixed and engineered. Released it on his own label. The Chubby is wide open, not trying to carve a tiny niche and stayed locked in to that thing. I think most artist end up there, this is what I do, this is where I’m comfortable. To be always experimenting and open minded, it must be fun to Popa Chubby. ♪♪♪ 12 tracks, 57 minutes Click here to hear for yourself:

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