CD Review: "When We Die, We All Come Back As Music" - Jon Gindick

Friday, January 27, 2017


Jon plays guitar and harmonica and sings, and writes songs. He teaches music, too. He does 4 one-week courses every year that are popular. Blues Harmonica Jam Camp. He's stayed busy and has never released a CD before. This is his debut. He included in the package which key of diatonic harp he plays on each song and which position. He can’t stop teaching. His producer played the instruments Jon didn’t, and a handful of guests played their instruments on a song. It's mostly all from two guys. Fewer variables in this case. You know the songs are all together. Jon’s vocals pull them all a little closer still. He’s a great harmonica player, and casually plays difficult licks. Jon’s actual harmonica playing is his strongest skill and it rings throughout this disc of all his originals. Jon also sounds like himself, not a guy trying to sound like someone who came before.

When we die, we all come back as music. That’s a nice concept to ponder. I can imagine a Beethoven number, a passionate Rachmaninoff piece, but what about the poor soul who had to be “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall”. It's one of music’s embarrassing moments….and “No”, I didn’t forget about the Osmonds. After 99 Bottles of Beer, though, I won’t care! Who’s a little bit country? Who’s a little bit rock-n-roll?
 ♪♪♪          10 tracks          42 minutes            Hear for yourself:  

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Craig Whittington

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