CD Review: "RSVP To Paradise" - Jim Keoppel

Friday, January 27, 2017


This is an EP. Jim is a veteran musician and has toured and currently has an acoustic and electric band, and plays solo.  There is a list of well-known artists he has played with and for.
These songs are very well done. Jim’s guitar isn’t aggressive; this isn’t blues rock. These blues are laid back, Jim’s licks are tasty and well-placed. There’s a big walking bass to carry the songs through. He has horns to fill it out, Billy Branch blows harp on two numbers. In keeping with blues tradition, Jim sings about how “my baby done me wrong”, but doesn’t use the same words and phrases from old songs. These lyrics are fresher, and I appreciate that. In the first track, Johnny’s been eating the happy hour buffet that goes “until the food runs out or the sterno burns out.” As many times as I have seen that same buffet, I haven’t heard it mentioned in song before.
This is a CD where you can hear a group of top notch, experienced musicians doing what they get paid nickels to do, and doing it on a level worthy of a listen.
♪♪♪♪      5 tracks       22 minutes     Hear for yourself: 


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Craig Whittington

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