CD Review: "Make Blues Not War" - Mike Zito

Friday, January 27, 2017


Mike Zito says this a fun album, and he ain’t lying. It's produced by Tom Hambridge, who also played drums and wrote or co-wrote the 10 originals here. There are also 2 covers, a Luther Allison and a Clarence Garlow. Zito is credited with 5 co-writes. The great Kevin McKendree handles all things keyed. The songs were recorded “live” in the studio, which is an advantageous way to record when it can be done. This is a rocking, guitar driven, turn it up loud kind of CD. Some of the songs start with a riffing guitar, some don’t stop until just one more riff, one more, ok, last one, no this one, etc.


Walter Trout and Mike go back to when Mike was just getting started, but Walter dumped him for partying. Huh? Walter has partied through a liver, Mike hit it hard for a few years, spit in a cloudburst. Anyhow, what can you say about a relationship like that? A liver runs through it. Hey, Kevin McKendree is playing the organ on this CD. I should feel more shame than I do. Walter Trout guests on the first track, and it comes out swinging. Jason Ricci guests on the title track and gave it another dimension it wouldn’t have had.


A guitar player by the name of Zach Zito guests on a tune called "Chip Off The Block." That is pretty self-explanatory, but the young Zito is set to graduate from college at the end of the current semester and hit the road with his dad. Let the education begin.


The education here for me is that Make Blues Not War is a choice. Life is gonna happen, everybody faces it. Fighting only makes it worse and still I throw punches. Sorrow and joy don’t exist independently of one another, and so when life serves you liver and onions, make lemonade! This CD is well played and communicates positive energy, so have some fun, music lovers.


♪♪♪♪          12 tracks        53 minutes       Click here to hear for yourself.


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Craig Whittington

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