Craig's Top 9 Blues CDs of 2016

This is the short list of the best new blues releases that I reviewed this year, in alphabetical order, according to me. They are varied in style, but all are good blues played by good musicians. I didn’t try to get 9 of them (‘cause who would?), I made a list of the ones I’d recommend to my friends if they asked. Well they didn’t, and while I was getting all worked up just wondering who the Hell they think they are, it dawned on me! You guys didn’t ask either! Clearly that’s a sign, so here it is, like it was meant to be, with liberty and justice for all. Albert Castiglia, “Big Dog " Knickerbocker All Stars “Texas Rhody Blues" Lurrie Bell, “Can’t Shake This Feeling" Moreland and Arbuckle, “Promised Land or Bust" Paul Deslauriers Band, “Relentless" Shaun Murphy, “It Won’t Stop Raining" The Smoke Wagon Blues Band, “Cigar Store" The Soul of John Black, “Early in the Moanin’" Vaneese Thomas, “The Long Journey Home"

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Craig Whittington


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