CD Review: "Resurrection" - Gaetano Letizia

Gaetano, or Tom, is a student of music. After he graduated from Kent State with a business degree, he started studying music composition. When he finished that 6 yr program, he studied classical and jazz guitar for 6 yr. He also took lessons from George Benson and Pat Martino. He’s been playing for 40 yrs and fronts 2 trios, one blues, one jazz. This CD has him playing with a different band, the Underworld Blues Band, a six piece outfit with a Hell of a bass player. Tom’s vocals are jazz vocals. Tom is a virtuoso guitar player, but he doesn’t feature the guitar all of time. During one lead, the horns are louder than the guitar. Tom wrote all the tunes and does some interesting things with tempo. He doesn’t slip it in unnoticed, he puts it in front when it goes down. There is one short instrumental, but there’s a lot of lyrics on this CD. I have a suspicion that all sorts of cool music theory concepts get played out right before your ears on this CD, but I’m only guessing, because it's beyond me. ♪♪ 14 tracks 55 minutes Hear for yourself:

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