CD Review: "Six String Stories" - Joanna Connor

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Joanna is bad-ass guitar slinger and plays blues, but also has a style of blues rock that I think is better described as blues metal, but that is limited to the first 3 numbers of the disc. Her vocals are blues metal, too, but don’t equal the level of her playing. The songs come out swinging,  on the 4th cut things mellow and nylon strings might surprise you.  These tracks wade in the water of gospel and then the song Heaven dives all the way in.


Joanna wrote and co-wrote most of the tracks, but there are two covers, "Golden" and "The Sky is Crying." One of the highlights is "The Sky is Crying." It begins softer than soft, very melodic, perhaps some passing chords thrown in for no extra charge. There are also two instrumentals where she displays her chops.


Some jazzier playing on the rhythm guitar is frequent and Joanna shows that she keeps numerous weapons in her arsenal. She wrote nice music, but the lyrics, I feel, are awkward and perhaps not always sung on pitch, but I don’t know much. One thing I have learned and am sure of, is how much I don’t know. You can take that to the damn bank. And Joanna can play the guitar; I caught her live act 10 or so years ago.
♪♪            10 tracks           48 minutes     Hear for yourself:


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Craig Whittington

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