CD Review: "Grown Ass Woman" - Sharon Lewis and Texas Fire

Saturday, January 14, 2017


Sharon is singing songs with topics from her life. She’s a Chicago woman, she’s got a song called "Chicago Woman." The title track, "Grown Ass Woman," she relates to that. She wrote 6 songs and her guitar player wrote 6 songs. She covers BB and Warren Haynes. Oh, and whomever she’s singing to, can’t do half the shit she do. Bingo, another FCC fail.
Sharon has a couple guest artists, Sugar Blue and Joanna Connor, and they both bring it. She has a horn section and a slick sound. Some soul, rhythm and blues, and some funk. She thanks her nail tech in the liner notes. I have not seen that before. Sharon makes the rules and rules the roost, but she softens up on the Warren number that closes the disc. “Lighten up, Francis”, as Sgt. Hulka once said. Sharon is standing up for herself, she’s taking on her trouble and doing things the way she sees fit. I respect that. I did not discover why the Chicago Woman has Texas Fire for her band, but I reckon we’ll know once she sings a song about it.
 ♪♪♪ ½    14 tracks, 57 minutes     Hear for yourself: 


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Craig Whittington

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